Car Interior Cleaning



We perform car interior dry cleaning services by using only the best removers. We return a car to the owner on the same day or, if owners wish to have their cars dried, a car will be returned to its owner the next day. Car interior drying is included in the price. The price of the service – from 50 EUR + VAT.


Car interior dry cleaning. The price of the service – from 15 EUR + VAT.

Odour removal using ozone. The price of the service – from 15 Eur + VAT.

We also impregnate cloth car interiors and renew leather car interiors. Impregnation protects cloth car interiors from damp, biological pollutants and stains. The price of the service – from 15 EUR + VAT.

For leather car interiors we use a special balsam that softens leather and makes it look IMG_0671completely new, which prevents leather from cracking and enables you to enjoy the real odour of the leather. The price of the service – from 15 EUR + VAT.


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